With hundreds of options available online and retail, how do you know what is worth the investment?   How do you ensure these pieces will work together harmoniously and will be the right fit?
 At Boulevard Interiors, we are constantly exposed to the newest trends in furniture and home décor, we attend all major furniture markets and have seen and tried so many pieces to know how they look, how they feel, and whether they will work in your space.
Whether it’s one room or the entire house, we are here to help you with furniture and furnishing design. Just like our other services, we provide an organized and personalized process to relieve the stress of selecting, ordering, and placing furniture.    

Furnishing your home can be quite an investment that can easily reach into tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars. Knowing where to purchase and how to best spend your money on quality products is a key to successfully navigating such undertaking.   
Furniture and décor selection can be surprisingly difficult, but curating the perfect furniture, artwork, décor and accessories to go in a space is what completes the design.


At our Tulsa, OK based studio we work to ensure you have access to some of the best furniture, art, and accessories available on the market.  With access to over 300 furniture dealers from all over US, we are in a position to create comfort and beaty for your home or business.  We help you interpret what makes you, or your business special, and reflect that back into your space. By finding that perfect piece of art, or that perfect shade of green that brings the whole space together, we know how to properly style and pull together the space that looks and feels lived in, yet luxurious.  

The styling of a space is that final layer that completes the story that you are trying to tell.

How we help you with furnishings 

We have created an organized and personalized process to relieve the stress of selecting, ordering, and placing furniture

Advantages of working with us when furnishing your home

  • A comprehensive furniture plan with best layout options
  • An in-depth knowledge of products and resources
  • Access to exclusive furnishings and finishes, called “Trade Brands.” These higher-end furnishings, fabrics, lighting, and décor are only available to interior designers and to those working within the industry
  • Access to products of superior quality and design (that are typically offered at wholesale pricing to designers (meaning you can save money vs. shopping independently)
  • Access to hundreds of trade-only furniture & décor wholesalers
  • A wider selection of options – including size, color, and style – in comparison to those available at retail stores
  • Time and money savings by letting someone else handle the ordering, shipping, tracking and installing
  • Delivery & Details - items can be delivered directly to the designer, saving time, money, and wear-and-tear on items. Designers handle your whole order from start to finish. 
  • A full "REVEAL" experience - not only we handle ordering, we oversee shipping, delivery, and, most importantly, furniture install - usually the most exciting day of the whole process!

If you have questions about ordering through a designer or would like to explore this option for your home redesign, please contact us at 918-504-7256 or Hello@BLVDTulsa.com

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