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 Focusing on the design and professional use of a space, our team at Boulevard Interiors is here to handle all aspects of creating a functional and pleasing environment for employees and clients by expertly executing all aspects of the process, from project management and procurement to construction oversight and creative direction.

  • Offices: Studies show that aesthetically pleasing work environments increase productivity
  • Restaurants: Well-designed dining spaces boost patronage and profitability
  • Retail Stores: Smart floor plans and atmospheres attract target buyers
  • Hotels: Stylish finishes and furnishings increase booking rates
  • Apartment Buildings: Up-to-date interior designs yield higher rents and responsible renters
  • Condominium Complexes: Modern and harmonious interiors charm affluent buyers

  • Determining the scope
  • Space Planning
  • Drawings for remodels & renovations
  • Elevations & 3-D Visuals
  • Budgets
  • Material samples
  • Product cut sheets
  • Product mockups
Outlining Schematics
  • Finalizing plans and details
  • Choosing lighting
  • Picking materials
  • Flooring Selections
  • Paint Selections
  • Selecting furnishings
  • Millwork Design
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Coordination of all construction activity
  • Drop-in inspections of work progress
  • Review and approval of submittals
  • Authorizing payments
  • Insuring specifications arrive during correct phases
Administering  Construction

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If you need help with your commercial project, the best time to bring in the design and renovation expert is at the beginning of the project. An interior designer’s knowledge of environment and behavior can influence the space planning to create greater revenue and more financially successful results.
The interior designer needs to work closely with the client to understand their business needs and to interpret the use of the space by key stakeholders. The beginning phases of the building planning provide a platform for the interior designer to become a strategic consultant connecting the business’ core values, mission, and work processes to an intelligent workplace.


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